Depth deeper very deep dark

“Depth deeper very deep dark” (2021) 70 x 100 cm, silkscreen print on paper.

Depth deeper very deep dark turn off the lights then you can see what is hidden from sight.

This work consist of a tekst and an image of two birds. One poster has the tekst printet in mirror. I wanted with this work to show both sides as having importance, to disturb the idea of a front and back or right side and wrong side. The tekst is the same, but the birds are different. The posters have an image of two white snow owls or two black crows. Both birds have a spiritual meaning to me, but they are also representations of night (owl) and day (crow), black and white. The is a lack of darkness in contemporary society. We are celebrating light with the consequences of insomnia, hormone disturbances and light pollution that makes us loose our night vision. We cannot see everything with our eyes and the work is a reminder of sleep, dark nights, closing your eyes and going inwards. Darkness have been an important part of European spiritual culture for thousands of years, building temples in the ground, caves and observatories and I want to be reminded of this.

Part of the exhibition, I want to Belong to The Living, with Anna Hillbom and Ann-Catrin Olsson at Kunsthalle Turku.