“Migration” (2016), indian-ink and paint, ca. 175m² including sidewalls, height 12 meters, for the exhibition Shifting Spaces at W139, Amsterdam.

The wall-drawing (indian ink and acryl) was made for the exhibition “Shifting Spaces” at W139 in Amsterdam in 2016. The exhibition were centered on shared notions concerning equality, compassion and openness. During the exhibition period, the space would be used for talks, workshops, parties, concerts, dinners and several of the participants would live in the space for the whole duration of the show.

The whole drawing, including the sidewalls, were about 175m2. I made the wall-drawing thinking of the work to be like a background for the dynamic exhibition. Like a landscape I was thinking. I wrote this small text for the work: “Landscape as foreign. Landscape as home. Landscape as ground. Landscape as where you are from.” Geese are migrating birds. The ability of movement (migration, travel, walking) is a crucial distinction of humanity. It is also interlinked with the development of thought, shared consciousness and spreading of ideas.